I practiced painting for a number of years. Here're some of the best pieces I painted over the course of that journey. Enjoy!

Look at this cute lil' guy! I'm particularly proud of how well the ripples in the water and the fur on the beaver turned out.

Alright, now for some still life paintings. Still life is the genre of painting objects that are still and not alive.

I'm quite happy with how well the pumpkin freckles turned out


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Following are some master artist reproductions. I use the term "reproduction" loosely, as anyone can easily see the difference in quality between the masterful originals and my sincerest form of flattery.

Reproduction of Alfred Sisley's Snow on The Road Louveciennes

Reproduction of Edward Hopper's Lighthouse at Two Lights

You'll notice that the top of my lighthouse is crooked,  tilting slightly to the right. This is because in my version of the painting, the lighthouse is accelerating rapidly to the left, with angled sides to imply motion.

My grandma had lighthouse décor throughout her house—lighthouse plates, lighthouse kitchen tiling, even a little lighthouse nightlight—so I made this painting to match. Luckily for me, it didn't matter to her whether the lighthouse was crooked or not; all that mattered to her was that it was from her grandson.

(Really poor quality) Reproduction of Monet's Antibes

This was one of the first oil paintings I created and it shows. While I have the excuse that I was cramming Monet's painting onto a much smaller canvas than he originally used, some parts of this replication are inexcusable.

You'll notice most of my paintings are signed with "JS," but this one is from before I discovered that initials take up less space than full first names. You live and you learn.

Reproduction of Van Gogh's Starry Night Over the Rhône

I love Van Gogh's paintings. Van Gogh always created the perfect balance between impressionistic and recognizable, vibrant and subdued. Even in my lossy compression of his art, the beauty of how he saw the world shines through.